Group Vollume not consistent

  • 19 April 2022
  • 1 reply

I recently helped a friend setup a Roam, 2 Sonos One’s and a Move. When we group and want to change the volume for an individual speaker it changes the volume for two of the 4 speakers. For example when I change the volume for the Roam the volume changes for the Roam as well as one of the One speakers. There are no pairs setup. Only happens when in a group. Please note I am aware of group volume and can individually  change the volume for each room separately but when I do two rooms volume changes. 

1 reply

I was not able to reproduce the issue mentioned here, maybe try rebooting the controller device and/or resetting the App from ‘Settings/App Preferences’ and connecting the App back to the ‘existing’ system and see if that resolves things.