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  • 24 January 2021
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I was having problems “Saying Queue to Playlist, because I had too many playlists.   So naturally I tried to DELETE the older ones.  And there was the problem:  I would delete them (Delete Playlist > Delete) and nothing would happen.


The solution:  Make sure nothing is playing on SONOS while you’re doing this.  Apparently using SONOS while trying to delete prevents it from deleting.


And when you DELETE a playlist, it takes a few seconds for it to disappear.


My system, Mac OS Catalina

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3 replies

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Hi @Zazou, Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the community. Sorry to know about this issue. When did it start happening or does it happen all the time or randomly when deleting a playlist? As of the moment, we don't have any issues of this kind in deleting playlists, but I’ll have it checked for any same issues concerning deleting playlists that it can only be deleted when nothing is playing on Sonos. 

Let us know how it goes and we're here to answer any further questions you have.

It only happened the one time last weekend.  As I said earlier, turning off the SONOS stream enabled me to delete some playlists and to save others.  Maybe the issue was one of bandwidth on my wifi system. I’ve had problems in the past adding playlists but only because I had too many.  It would be nice to have an indicator of how many playlists and favorites I have at any given time compared with how many are allowed, so I could plan more effectively.  Perhaps the number of playlists allowed is a function of the size of the playlists...

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Hi there @Zazou, thanks for the update. that could cause it. if the playlist size is large and if the connection bandwidth doesn’t cope up with the system, this may be the effect of it. But if the issue persists, I'll ask you to kindly contact our phone support team for further assistance and more in-depth troubleshooting steps, they may also ask for remote access to your device controller to check the behavior about your playlists.

Keep us posted on how it goes and we're here to answer any further questions you have.