Why is Connect more expensive than Play?

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Thanks for the condescending reply.
It wasn't intended as such.

I respectfully disagree with their pricing choice, I think it's lame.

Take your case to Sonos, or simply vote with your feet and walk away from the purchase. This is a user forum so don't expect Sonos representatives to chime in with a defence of their pricing strategy.

Yes, Sonos products are not cheap. Some of them, such as the soon-to-depart CONTROL/CR200, are arguably over-priced for what they do. But until a serious competitor comes along and does what Sonos does they have a first-mover advantage. A good many of us here think that despite the initial price Sonos represents value for money, especially considering the life span of the product and the continuous cycle of free software upgrades.
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seriously? Thanks for the condescending reply. I understand market dynamics...

I don't however work in a busy Hi Fi environment where a few hundred here and there is not insignificant. I live in a house, with a family, with a budget.

I don't want to feel like I'm overpaying... and all you've convinced me is that yes, Sonos is ripping people off because people are willing to pay $349 for something with less capability. I can see the attitude here is going to be "But sonos can do whatever they want because their products are so good and the market will bear it!" - I respectfully disagree with their pricing choice, I think it's lame.

But to get back to the realities of the product: When you mentioned the ethernet switch, I took a closer look at the pictures and I see now that this behaves as an ethernet switch and has audio in... those aren't huge features, but at least there's SOME value-add. Not $50 + the value of an amp and speakers though, at least to me.
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I agree totally. Having worked in a busy hi Fi environment, I've seen manufacturers lower their prices and basically devalue their own product. Sonos have got it right.
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It's too temptingly easy to compare "cost" with "price". Yes, the build cost of a CONNECT may well be similar to or less than a Play:3 (give or take the odd drive unit, Ethernet switch, ADC, S/PDIF output etc) but like it or not Sonos will price products at a point which the market will bear.

One could argue that the Play:3 may be pitched low to woo a new class of customer, whereas the CONNECT would be purchased by those wishing to link Sonos with existing - perhaps expensive - HiFi equipment. In the latter case $100 either way may not be a major issue.