Sony WH-1000XM4 Wifi Headphones & Connect Amp & TV

  • 17 August 2020
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Afternoon all, read few older posts on similar subject but I have a slightly different angle on the question I think.

Have a gym (in garage) with a Sonos Connect Amp, A Panasonic TV RCA linked to the Sonos & a pair of B&W 801’s which have done great service over the years when doing rowing etc.

But new neighbour objects to the noise … it is considerable in fairness and my choice in music is shall we say wide!

I need to start using some decent wireless headphones and these new Sony ones seem well regarded.

My question is how best to do in general? I use NAS fed FLAC files and are getting drawn into streaming services. The CA is RJ45 linked as is all my Sonos stuff. I also watch NAS stored video music/live using the AUX link and sometimes just TV.

Agree with older posts that I’d rather use proper speakers than headphones but the choice is not there this time. Don’t need any multi room on that part of my Sonos.

Never used any headphones before let alone wireless. Could use some advice how to integrate this into an otherwise nice room system,

Details on the Sony’s …..

Many thanks in advance

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26 replies

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Funny, an old ZP100 could possible meet this need in one box, as it has speaker and line-level outputs.  Of course, it’s not S2 compatible.

Is true in the same sense as the Connect 106Raylle mentions. Is a good viable use of old kit, old kit which in my limited knowledge has pretty much the same audio capabilities. 

I have to confess that whilst in the first few months of S2, I’m not able to stump up the cost a total S2 upgrade but I can do some re-architecting of my current to minimise that investment. And indeed using an old Connect or ZP100 is an option open to me.

I have a feeling that in this instance my dual Sony sub-set might be a simpler and possibly better audio set up but lets see.

I do agree that in the purest sense I’d prefer a soley Sonos system.