Sonos ZP90 and Sonos Connect

  • 22 May 2017
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I have a ZP90 that I bought in 2009. Can anyone verify that this is basically the same as the Sonos Connect unit and that it will work with the Sonos streaming speakers? (assuming the firmware is up-to-date)


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5 replies

It is basically the same as the current Connect, and will function with all Sonos devices past and present.
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As far as I am aware all previous Sonos players are compatible with current ones. I'd be quite suprised if that wasn't still true. As to the gubbins inside the ZP90 being the same as a Connect, I couldn't confirm, but there is bound to be a thread on here somewhere with the answer.
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There were a few changes between the ZP80 and ZP90 but there ate plenty of ZP80s going strong and fully compatible with the latest Sonos speakers.
Zp90 to Connect was just a rebranding of the exact same hardware. Later Sonos made some internal changes to the box that has no effect on its physical size or any kind of compatibility with other Sonos kit.