Sonos Portable Headphones

  • 9 October 2016
  • 27 replies

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Boy, would I sure like Sonos capable headphones! Sure, I could setup a Connect and a headphone amp or some wireless headphone set, but I'd like to wear them around the house in a range no wireless or cable would reach. It can't be that tough to build a set of wireless SONOS headphones.

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27 replies

I know this is an old thread, but i too like many others would like a headphone solution! However the approach i would like to see would be the integration of a dlna player into the sonos app. This would make the device (e.g smartphone, tablet etc) a zone in itself. So "play on this device" would be an option.
This will then allow me to bluetooth a pair of headphones to my phone and enjoy anywhere within wifi range.
Its effectively what i do now, but i have to use a seperate dlna app, all in one sonos app would be better!
This seems to me to be the perfect device to revamp true play on. Go back to the drawing board and produce a set if cans that not only have magnificent drivers in them, no wires, great look and ethereal sound, and turn them into something a bit more. Ad in the correct microphones to the headphones. Take a second look at your current iteration of true play. Maybe by using the properly placed mics also proper type. You guys could make it even more enjoyable that it current is. Just a little suntin suntin to think about we