Sonos Port: Wired connection but still music is interrupted

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I'm using a sonos port which is connected to my recordplayer. The Port is connected via a LAN cable to my router (Sonosnet channel 1) and the music has been set to compressed...and is played via multiple One's

Still I'm losing audio; The music sometimes is not played for 10-20 seconds before it starts playing again.

Also the sonos s2 app (on my Iphone) states that it can't connect to Sonos

Any idea how to resolve this? Eventhough sonos is wired, can it have something to do with my wifi?


Best answer by ratty 24 October 2020, 12:49

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No idea, though the Line-In function would be separate from the playing function. Have you tried rebooting everything?

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Rebooted all 7 SONOS devices all seems to be working again. (Hopefully for a very long uninterrupted time :-) )

Eventhough I haven't changed anything with regards to interference, the OFDM ANI level dropped from 9 (dark red) to 6 (orange). Any idea what would have caused this drop?


Way back in this thread I suggested possible interferers. The change could also be as simple as a neighbour doing something different.

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Two weeks down the line and I have to say that switching my Sonos devices from Sonosnet to my own Wifi network definitely has improved my listening experience. Besides the ‘annoying’ fact that the Sonos app sometimes doesn't recognize all my sonos devices (even though they're playing music at that time) no drops outs have occurred anymore. The latter to me is more important than the app hickup (as after a minute or so, the app is working flawlessly again)

For some reason (I'm not a techy) my Wifi network seems to be way better performing than SonosNet.

Previous setup: One sonos device wired via LAN and SonosNET

Current setup: No sonos devices wired via LAN, all connected to my Wifi network

(I have 2 TPLINK routers in AP mode, broadcasting the same SSID, to which the sonos devices are connecting. Max distance Sonos device and AP is 5 meter)