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  • 23 December 2022
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I have music downloaded on my iPad.  Can I connect my iPad to the Port via an audio cable so that my downloaded music can play on my One SL speakers?  Lynn


Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 23 December 2022, 20:38

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7 replies

Why don’t you just simply Airplay the audio to the Sonos Port instead and save yourself having to cable the iPad to it? That’s my chosen way to play some music tracks to the Port (called Media Port) here at our Home.

Or better yet, Airplay to the One SLs and skip the Port altogether.

Actually, I haven’t purchased the Port yet so going direct to the One SLs via Airplay sounds like a good idea, thanks.  However, if I want to play CDs to my Sonos system will the Port work to connect the CD player to the system?

I missed the bit about the One SL speakers - I (wrongly) assumed you just wanted to output the iPad tracks to an Amp/Receiver etc.. so yes just Airplay the music direct to the One-SL’s as @jgatie rightly suggests.


Yes, if your CD player has an analogue line-out, simply connect that to your Port and select the Ports Line-In as the audio source to play on your One SL speakers. Note: the line-in appears as an icon at the foot of the ‘Music Services’ (Browse) Tab in the Sonos App for you to select as the audio-source.

In fact there are options in the Ports room settings to ‘Autoplay’ the playing CD line-In audio to your speaker and you can include ‘grouped rooms’ too and set an initial playback volume. So there are plenty of options to likely suit all your needs.

Thanks, this is VERY helpful.  On another note, my systems includes the Arc with One SLs as surrounds and six other rooms with One SL speakers.  Is there a way to get audio content from the TV/Arc to play on all of the other speakers?

Yes, you can simply group/ungroup your Sonos Arc room with any other Sonos room(s) via the Sonos App to play the TV audio to the group. See this link:

The TV audio is buffered to the grouped rooms, so there is a slight audio delay, but if it’s in other physical rooms, you likely won’t notice that and just to also add the buffer itself can be adjusted in the Arc room settings in the Sonos App, goto ‘Settings/System/[Arc Room Name] - to see the available options in ‘Group Audio Delay’.

Ken, once again, this was very helpful.  It works just as you said.  Thank you.  The funny thing is, Sonos Support told me that playing audio from the TV/Arc to the rest of the system does not work.  Clearly it does.  I guess the person I spoke to needs a bit more training.  Thanks again.  Lynn