Sonos not seeing TP-Link Router

  • 20 November 2016
  • 5 replies

Newbie here. So, I just upgraded (ha!) my wireless network, getting rid of the Comcast modem and router nd installed a TP-Link AC3150. Now my Sonos controller wont see the network, even when connected via Ethernet to the router. All other devices, with the exception of an older kindle, see the network with no problems.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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5 replies

After a router change you must, at the very least, restart all your network devices.

If your Sonos system is in 'Standard Setup' you'll have to input the new WiFi credentials after temporarily wiring a Sonos component.

All devices restarted at router change. The only ones who don't see the network are the sonos and the old kindle.
Explain "don't see the network". If a Sonos component is wired does it not work?
Sorry. that wasn't very clear. When the Play 3 is connected to the router, I can see it on the desktop controller, but nothing is playing through the speaker. When I try to link it to the wireless network, the controller doesn't see the network. It's weird.
Let's take things back to basics. Wire the PLAY:3 to the router. Wire the computer to the router and run the Desktop Controller. It should discover the PLAY:3 and music should stream on command. Does it?