SONOS CONNECT needs a 12V trigger.

  • 14 August 2014
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SONOS needs to make a new or additional version of their CONNECT model. Call it the CONNECT+ or something. It should contain better DA conversion, and much better AD conversion. A 12V TRIGGER IS A MUST so you can turn on an amplifier remotely and use the CONNECT+ as a simple preamp. With Denon now creating a near knock off system in regards to features (minus the separate mesh network) but with a 12V trigger, folks with more complex systems might choose their solution instead.

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5 replies

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Agree....12v Trigger is a must and for mine the number one feature to add to the Connect, and in turn keep all your long term supporters of the Sonos product happy. I would probably think that this would have been the most requested item over the last number years.
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I wouldn't say that the denon HEOS System has Knock-Off features but the Subwoofer Pre-out, the opticial digital in and the 12v triggers are nice.
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I agree as well.  I switched my entire system over to Heos just for this reason.  I'll switch back when Sonos releases a connect 2.0 with IR out (customizable) and a 12V trigger.  Until then my system works flawlessly powering my towers with big amplification.  Would love to have Sonos again, Heos is still working out minor software bugs but that will come,  having a hard time foreseeing a Sonos response within the next 6 months to the 12V trigger.  
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Here 2 years later:? I agree on the trigger part..... So this might be a solution...
What is wrong with Connect Amp as a trigger? Amp thrown in as a bonus.