Play:5 wth Audio Technica LP120 - need more volume

  • 23 November 2016
  • 4 replies


So I just got the Sonos Play:5 today to connect my turntable into. The turntable has the required pre-amp to connect to the play:5 and it is working and playing my records just fine, but the volume isn''t even close to that of just playing Spotify through the Play:5. I literally have it turned up to the max volume, and it's loud, but i can't get it up past half way with non-vinyl audio without it blasting me out of the room. Do I need to get an additional amp to go in-between the turntable and the sonos system? Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance for your reply. Cheers!

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4 replies

Is the pre-amp on the LP120 engaged, with the switch at "LINE"?

Have you tried adjusting the Sonos Line-In source level setting?
Yes on the LINE setting on for the sonos line-in source level setting, i can't seem to find that in any of the settings in my desktop sonos app. where would i go to look at that?
Room Settings -> (your room) -> Line-In
You're a champ, ratty! That solved the issue it right up! Thank You!