Issue with Sonos Amp Network Connection after adding One SL speaker

  • 25 September 2023
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Hi All,


My Sonos system previously had (2) amps and (1) one SL speaker and everything was working fine, (all items were hooked up wirelessly).  I did recently change my wireless provider but I reconnected all the devices with no issues.

I added an additional one SL speaker to the system (total of 2 one SL speakers) and everything was working fine until one of my amps disappeared from the system shortly after adding the speaker. When I tried to factory reset the amp that disappeared, it keeps failing to connect to the network even through all the other Sonos devices are connected to the same network with no issues. I keep getting a message during set up that says “the connection to your Sonos Amp was lost.  Move your mobile device closer and make sure Sonos Amp is powered on.”  The amp and router are only about 5’ away from each other and the amp is obviously on during set up (my cell phone is also next to the amp during set up).  I tired to hard wire the amp with an ethernet cable but still getting the same message.


I tried to remove the additional one SL speaker that caused the issue but now now neither the amp nor the additional one SL speaker will connect with the system (however they still appear on the system but say they have a connection issue).  I spent hours on the phone with Sonos and my wireless provider with no luck.  I also made sure the sonos devices are connecting to the 2.4 G (not 5G) network but still have the same issues.


Has anyone run into this before or can provide insight on how to resolve? 




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5 replies

It sounds like an IP address conflict. Reboot everything on the network.

If that works, consider reserving IP addresses in your router settings to avoid a recurrence.

You mean reboot all the sonos devices? The amp I’m having trouble re-connecting has been rebooted several times but I haven't rebooted the other devices yet.  I just hope it doesn't cause issues with the other devices that are currently connected fine.  It’s also weird I wasn't able to connect the amp to the network when it was hard wired with an ethernet cable.

I meant reboot the entire network. Simply rebooting an affected device won’t necessarily clear a duplicated IP. 

Alternatively wait a day, and hopefully any dupes should have cleared themselves as the IP leases automatically renew. 

Oh gotcha.  Yes I have rebooted my network but still having the same issue when trying to connect the amp.  Super frustrating, not sure where to go from here.  Anything else you can think of to resolve this issue?

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Once you have done a Factory Reset a lot of repair options are gone.


Maybe a test to see if the devices are working?

Power down all Sonos but one problem device.

Factory Reset the problem device, erasing the internal logs and settings again.

Power it down.

Reboot router and controller.

Power up the problem device and try to add it as a “New System,” not to your existing system.

If you can see it and it works then it is functioning properly.


Next do the other device.


Do another factory reset on your problem devices.

Power up the other Sonos system components.

Power up one of the problem devices, (leave the other unplugged) and try to add it to your existing system.

If it works leave it powered up and do the other problem device.


It may make your system more stable to add static/reserved IP addresses for your Sonos from your router’s DHCP page, it is usually fast and simple to do.