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  • 1 April 2023
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Hi Guys,


I need some help to do the right set up for my house currently under construction.

I d like to use in ceiling sonos for most of the rooms + home cinema (in ceiling only) and rock speakers for outside. all linked to AMPs .


Starting with the underground, i have a room where i d have 4 in-ceiling speakers + 1 AMP- see below

All the AMPs would be in racks in a separate room

Then on the main floor I d have 2 inside zones: 1 for the Kitchen/living room in purple (1AMP) + 1 zone for the home cinema. I was thinking about using 2 in-ceiling sonos for the back and 3 front Focal 100ICLCR5 speakers

Should I use a specific AC receiver for that or can I connect those through AMPs; if yes would that mean 3 AMPs (back + front+ center). What about sub?

Then the brown one would be for the outside- was thinking about 2 rock speakers  (1 by the pool) connected to 1 AMP


Finally the master. I was thinking about 2 zones- 2 in bedroom (red) and 2 in closet/bathroom (blue)

What do you think about this setup? any better suggestions? what about the rock speakers?




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Hi @Richous74, welcome to the Sonos Community!

If you’re looking for an invisible setup, then this would be the way to go, however there are some issue with the Home Cinema setup.

If you want to use Sonos Amps, then you’ll need two, one for the front left/centre/right channels and one for the rear left/right channels. You can’t have a separate centre channel using the Sonos Amp, so if you wanted this you’ll need to use a third-party Amp. If you go third-party for the front channels, you’ll need to go third-party for the rear channels as you can’t bond the Sonos Amp to a third-party amp as rears. For the Sub, you can bond a Sonos Sub to the Sonos Amp controlling the front channels.

If you do go third-party, you can use the Sonos Port to connect these amp to your Sonos system, so you can keep full audio control.

So your two options are: 

  • 2x Sonos Amps + Sonos Sub.
  • 2x/3x Third-party front/rear Amps + third-party Sub + Sonos Port.

I unfortunately don’t know much about the speaker you linked or the outdoor rock speaker, but as long as the impedance and watts per channel match what is on our Amp setup support article, they should be fine to use. 

I hope this information helps!