Feature request: Enable/Disable Sonos speaker buttons

  • 12 July 2016
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I am new here so excuse me if I started in the wrong "area". I have the following feature request: Is it possible to create an option to Disable/Enable the buttons on de speakers (selectable to wich speaker) through the Sonos app? Now there is already a similar like the LED light on the speaker wich you can turn off.

The reason for this request is I have a small child that is exploring the world 😳 She has noticed the buttons and now can turn on the Sonos system and play with the volume.

Thanks in advance!!

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5 replies

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I guess it would be possible but I'm going to suggest that the least of your worries with a little one is going to be the Sonos buttons!

I imagine she will grow out of it especially if you DON'T make a fun game out of it.
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True, but still it would be a nice feature.. 🙂 She listens quite well and knows it is off limits. It's al a part of learning.
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you can disable and enable the buttons it is under room settings in the app
just tested it on my two sonos one's
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Year old thread..... (from before you could do it....)
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Year old thread..... (from before you could do it....)
Looks like it's almost two years old, wonder how it came back up... But yes, it was never answered that the feature has since been implemented.