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  • 22 May 2017
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I'm in the market for a 5.1 surround system. I'm looking into the sonos 5.1 surround playbar with play 3s, but I'm reading about the Dolby digital problems for true surround sound. I would to have my laptop and PS4 to the tv via hdmi and from my tv to sound bar via optical. Only problem is my tv is a Vizio m60-c3 and it only output Dolby digital plus (correct me if I'm wrong). Is there any way to convert dd+ to dd ? Maybe an A/V receiver ?

Cnet - m60-c3 outputs Dolby digital plus

But I read in the manual for m60-c3 that it has dts and Dolby digital. (Not dd+)

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3 replies

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Hi tu phan, welcome to the community. I think this might be something you need to ask Vizio support about. I've checked out the manual and specs for that TV, and it can do both DD and DD+. The issue is there is not much customization in the audio options so you cannot choose between Plus or normal Dolby. As you can't send DD+ down an optical cable, you would think the TV would only send DD or PCM to the PLAYBAR. However we do know that some TVs try to send DD+ via optical, resulting in sound dropouts. So, the question we need to answer is what will the TV do, in regards to the optical cable, when playing a source encoded with DD+? You may also be able to bypass the issue by setting your source content to Dolby Digital only. For example if you have a Blu-Ray player or other set-top box, these are usually more configurable.
Ok. Thank you. I'll see what Vizio says.
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Iam sure I have seen DD+ passed through optical to my sony HT, definitely seen DTS:X displayed (which is one of the newer formats I think, which acts like atmos)
So it's more a problem of sonos only works with DD5.1 and pcm stereo.
Don't even mention DTS......