Connect with Quad amp + preamp

Hi. I have recently bought a play:5 and love it so much I want to connect it up to the rest of my system.
I have a Linn Sondek LP12 turntable that is connected to a Quad 44 pre amp and a Quad 405 power amp, this powers a pair of Polk RTi8's in main lounge and Klipsch AW 525's outside (the play:5 is in an upstairs lounge). Also a lot of my music is on a HDD connected into my router.

What I would like to know is could I connect the Connect between the pre and power amps thereby allowing me to stream from the turntable and TV etc through the amps to the Play:5 upstairs (and the Polk and Klipsch speakers downstairs)?

Also would this also let me stream the network music through everything?

Cheers Wayne

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Yes, if the pre amp has a tape/monitor out. Wire that to the inputs of the Connect. Wire the outputs of the Connect to an input pair on the preamp.

The only problem here when playing music from sources connected to the preamp and played via the Quad amps is that it will not be in sync with the music from the 5 unit to a small but noticeable degree.

While streaming music using the Connect as source, including from the HDD once you add that as a source for the Connect, this will not be the case, and music will be in perfect sync across all speakers.
That's brilliant. I hadn't thought of connecting it to the tape module which has both input and output. I had been thinking of cutting into the cable that runs from the pre amp to the power amp. Thanks
Sure. Cutting the cable would not have worked, that is a volume controlled output. The tape out feeds full signal into Connect as any other source does.
Hi I have just bought the connect and am trying to set it up. Streaming from music on my phone and the hard drive are working perfectly - but nothing else. When I try radio stations on the connect I get a message saying cannot connect to tunin because the server cannot be found (this happens when connected via ethernet or wifi). Then when I try to play input from the Quad I am getting absolutely nothing. I wired the connect to a tape module that has both input and record RCA plugs and a monitor button on the front, is this what you mean?
1. The radio stations issue is with either Tune In, or with your broad band feed. Are you able to hear internet radio on your computer when connected to the internet?
2. Since you are getting music from your hard drive to/from the Connect through the Quad system, that means that the output side of Connect to Quad inputs is working fine.
3. I am not familiar with the Quad preamp model you are using - from what you say there are sockets marked Tape or Record, which you have wired to the Connect input jacks. Are you seeing anything on the Connect when music on the Quad system start playing through its speakers? Try pressing the monitor button and see if that makes a difference. Also, have you selected Line in via the controller for the Connect and is it then showing that as a source in the controller once the Quad starts playing music from its sources?
Thanks Kumar. I will check the Quad out either tonight or at the weekend (its been a long time since I have actually had to play around with it and there is a small control panel on the top of it that has lots of switches that has something to do with signal for the 2 tape modules). The radio is a bit bizarre though as it works great on the play5 via wireless upstairs but not on the connect which is downstairs by the router. Could it be the 2 Sonos units not talking properly?
The Quad 44 looks to be a quirky box of tricks; I see from the images that it has two outputs for two amps. The DIN sockets are for the Quad power amp, so it is quite possible that using the other output pair that has RCA jacks can also be used to feed the Connect line in. It is relatively high signal voltage output, but it is volume controlled by the 44, so you will have to use that volume control to also control the volume from the Connect grouped speakers.

But using line level outputs that bypass the 44 volume control is a better idea.

I can't understand the radio thing, given that the music from your local HDD is playing via the Connect. What happens when you group Connect and the play 5 for HDD music? And what happens when you move to radio in grouped play?
What type of sockets do you have on the 44? The manuals that I can find imply they have the old DIN socketry - or is yours a later version that went RCA?
HI Kumar. When I got home from work last night I powered up and the radio was working fine, so now I'm 2 out of 3!

The Quad 44 is an old beast:-)

It has 3 power points on the back so you can power up the power amp and 2 other devices (I am thinking of connecting up the Connect eventually so it is only powered on when listening downstairs). It has like a 4 way din that sends signal down to the power amp. Then it has 5 replaceable modules - I have radio, phono, cd, tape and aux - I also have a 2nd tape module. These modules have either RCA or DIN - the 2 tape modules have DIN so I am using a DIN to RCA to connect up to the Connect.

Does it not have a pair of RCA outputs above the DIN socket that sends signal to the power amp? That is the second output pair I was referring to.

If you are using the DIN tape out sockets, you might also want to see that the DIN cables are correctly wired up for ensuring signal transfer to Connect.

If you have another way - an integrated amp with a pre out for example - of testing the concept of using the Connect line in, you may be on surer footing about what the 44 is doing or not doing right. Isolating the problem is usually useful in these cases.
Just a quick note to say thanks. I haven't had a chance to look at the Connect for a while. I have another couple of things to try out and will post a update when I get the chance.