Change IP address for Sonos Network

  • 10 January 2017
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We tried to set up a Play 3 and Play 1 at our office, but when they created their own network during setup, it used the same IP address as one of our other offices and our ISP saw it as a potential security threat and kicked us offline. Is there anyway that we can set up the speakers without the temporary network or can we change the IP address?

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4 replies

I'm not quite with you. Once configured a Sonos unit simply requests an IP from your private DHCP server.

For the temporary stage while the first unit is configured in 'Standard Setup', a Sonos unit sets up an open SSID to which a mobile attaches. In that case the Sonos unit is the DHCP server. What's the ISP got to do with all this?
Yes. Ethernet one speaker and follow the instructions for a Boost setup. Then go into Settings, Advanced Settings, Wireless Setup and follow the onscreen instructions. You can do a Boost setup with any Sonos component as the wired device.
Information Security Police? :)
I can only assume not Internet Service Provider.
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Is it possible your network isn't behind a router and your Sonos was wired directly into the modem? That's basically the only way that your ISP could see any changes like this in order to have a potential issue. If that's the case, for security reasons you'll want to get a router or turn DHCP on for your router to get local IPs.