Boost and smart Wifi by Waoo

  • 21 September 2017
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I have recently established a fiber connection through the Danish provider Waoo. The fiber is great and stable. However, I often find that my Play5s (gen. 2) drop out of the Sonos network. I have to install the speaker again, which feels ridiculous. I was therefore thinking that perhaps a Sonos Boost might help. BUT I want to make sure that I can connect the Boost to an AirTies 4920. Any one who knows?

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15 replies

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Hey NSH73, we'll be more than happy to help. Can you please submit a diagnostic when the PLAY:5 is present on your system as well as when it cannot be seen. Then post those numbers here for our review so we can take a look.
Thanks. Here are the numbers:

7871998 (all three units playing)

7872005 (one of the two Play5 lost)
And then all units disappeared from the Sonos app. Sent diagnostics. Number 7881911.
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Thanks for posting those diagnostics, NSH73. In a review of each diagnostic, I can see there are likely two devices that create the wireless network onsite. I did a quick search for AirTies 4920 and found that two devices can be used to create a wireless mesh network where one AP acts as an extender. This could explain why players are dropping from the system since extenders don't reliably pass network traffic. Can you confirm if the network setup at your location does have an AirTies extender?

If that is the case, we would recommend using the BOOST setup, as this will allow Sonos to create its own wireless mesh network for communication. Would you be able to wire one of your players to the router as a test?
Sure I can connect one of the units to the AirTies unit connected to the fiber. Then what?
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Once you have one of the players wired, this will move Sonos over to our proprietary mesh network for communication. The test will be used to determine if in that set up the players no longer disappear from the app.
Okay. A Play1 is now wired. What shall I do?
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Use your system as normal for a few hours and take note if you're still seeing players drop from the controller from time to time. Can you also submit another diagnostic and then post the number here for our review?
Hi Andy. It has been stable for a couple of hours now. The diagnostics number is 7885942.
I have now added a Boost to my system. It is connected via an Ethernet cable to the extender, and it seems to work. Boost wouldn't install when it used socket 2 on the master AirTies unit. Here's a new diagnostics number: 7889329.

Does everything seem okay now?
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I have Waoo and have used Smart WIFI for over a year now - it seem fine at first but I have had a lot of "strange" problems with SONOS groups falling apart, controller/speakers not reacting, music not starting etc - even when speakerss are on their own SONOSnet network!

Waoo doesn't seem to update the AirTies 4920 units or their Android app and lately there has been problems with wireless devices that cannot get a DHCP address... After a long time of communication with SONOS support and Waoo support I finally decided to ditch the "Smart WIFI" and buy something serious - all problems have gone and both SONOS and the network now works without any of the previous "strange behaviors" that I have been hunting for months.

Waoo "Smart WIFI" isn't as smart as it looks at first...

Just got fiber from waoo, and have also chosen smart wifi. I am experiencing problems from day 1 similar to the ones described above. Waoo has recommended me to manually "split" the 2,4 and 5 ghz networks to solve the issue. Did you try this? Did it work? I would rater not have to do that, as that would force me to manually manage which units on my network that uses either 2,4 or 5.

Final question: You sad that you ditched smart wifi (I may very well do this also), and chose "something serious". Can you share what you ended up using?

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I have tried a lot of different "fixes" from Waoo to their "Smart WIFI" without any results. Making different SSIDs etc breaks the idea of their system... The problem seem to be deeper and that the performance of their WiFi varies wildly. The devices also disturbs the wired network and I have been having a lot of issues with both my light controller, Chromecast, Netflix etc until I removed the AirTies units.

I ended up buying a single Ubiquiti uap-ac-lr access point which provides great coverage in all of my house and like magic all the problems have gone and my Sonos speakers have worked flawless since.

Sorry to bring up an old thread. Just Got Waoo fiber and “ smart” wi-fi. Same problems as you guys.
The Ubiquiti uap-ac-lr access point you bough is that connected to the fiberbox with Ethernet cable and then a sonos boost cable the accespoint ?

Best regarda
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No problem - I hope that I can help you!

No need for a Sonos boost - just have the speakers connect to the Ubiquiti WiFi (that means having no speaker connected with cable).

The Ubiquiti access point is connected with cable to the router. Both 2,4 and 5 GHz networks are on the same SSID without any trouble.

The problem seem to be with the STP network protocol being handled badly with the AirTies units connected to the network. Waoo support doesn't seem to know Sonos or the networking problems the AirTies creates.