Adding Sonos Boost to Existing system

  • 25 October 2016
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I have just added a Sonos Boost to my existing Sonos system. I added it using the iPad version of the Sonos controller software which was straight forward. Can anyone tell me if that's it? Seems too good to be true. Do I need to do anything to connect my Sonos speakers to the Boost (i.e. Disconnect them from the standard wifi network they have been working on) or is it all sorted in those simple set up steps for the Boost?

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6 replies

Go to About My Sonos System in your controller. Do the players show WM:0 or WM:1? And is the BOOST in the list?
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Actually this is the correct way if you added it while connected to your system, the rest of the Sonos system should have automatically switched to SonosNet which you can check by what ratty said, if they all display WM:0 you should be good to go.
Next thing to do is remove the wireless credentials from your system bij going to Advanced settings => Wireless Setup => Next => Reset.
If the players still show WM:1 you may need to power cycle them to get them to connect to SonosNet.
Thanks both, the Boost is on the list and all speakers are showing WM:0 -
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WM:0 is precisely what you want to see. Your system is working with the Boost.
Just put a new Boost into my system and didn't really know what to expect! Thanks to you and others above all is good!
Thanks folks.:D