The new APP

  • 16 May 2024
  • 1 reply

Can we have the old app back please.?

It was fine as it was. 

I do not care for this version. 

I can not add songs into my playlist. 

I am not happy. 


1 reply

For no reason, my old app just stopped and I was 'forced' to download the new app which is useless.  All the search, timer alarm functions were gone.  Theres a puece of literature on the app support page giving a rough time line of the availability of these functions, in june and later.  If sonos needs time to test run thhese update, the old version should not have been stopped and taken away without giving any notification.  It is simply very frustrating to use sonos now.  I tried to contact the help line and have been holding for over 40 min now.  I'm going to give up very soon, including using the app.