Optical Input no longer functioning after update

Has anyone else had this issue? I have two Beam Gen 1s that have been working fine for a couple years. I use them on computer monitors which do not have ARC, only 3.5mm out, which I’ve been converting to optical and using the included Optical to HDMI converter to get the monitor out to the Beams. I got a new remote and wanted to set it up to control the volume on the Beam, I was forced to update the app and beam in order to set this up, which I am now regretting. It took several hours to get the update to finally apply to the beam without it disconnecting. I did finally get it set up on the new system and was able to go through the TV set up like normal.

The issue now is the beam refuses to play with the optical input. Nothing else in the system has changed. I moved the unupdated Beam into the same room and plugged it in to the same setup, and it plays without an issue, it’s only the updated beam that won’t play. During the TV setup when I select optical, it tries to detect the signal for about 60 seconds and then says it was unable to detect a signal. If the TV is off it says it can’t detect a signal within a couple seconds, so there must be a signal going to it that it’s not able to understand after the update.
I’ve spent many hours trouble shooting, changing settings, factory resetting everything multiple times, and I’m at a loss now.

Am I missing something and has anyone else had a similar issue since the update? Currently I have to move my one working beam into whichever room I want to use the TV in. Very annoying!

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Factory Resetting is almost always going to cause more problems than it solves. Aside from installing new equipment Sonos suggests contacting them first.

Just checked my Beam Gen 1 and it is working fine, the wife’s is also working. Both are on optical to our TVs and took the updates automatically overnight.

Looks like a call to Sonos Support is going to be needed since you erased your previously working settings.


I was forced to factory reset as I was still using the old s1 app. I had auto updates off so I don’t know how old the firmware was on the beam when I attempted to update. The s1 app told me I needed to move to the new s2 app to update, and the s2 app said my firmware was too old to be on the s2 app. I factory reset it to update/add it to the s2 app as a new speaker. This did eventually work, but alas no audio from the optical.


I compared the settings to the other beam still running on the s1 app, I can’t find any differences other than the newer firmware and the s2 app.

I did try and contact Sonos support via the chat and they said no one was available. I called now and am waiting for a call back but it’s been a couple hours so hopefully they get back to me with a solution, or someone here can help me out.

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You should likely try going back to S1.

In the future ignore the suggestions to update, leave auto-update off, stay on your current version of S1 until you absolutely have to move to a newer version of S1 or S2.

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If you are lucky enough to have all your Sonos products S1 compatible, you can probably downgrade as suggested and keep your system S1. If not, you are doomed like the rest of us 🥲