New App and sonos amp: No dual Mono

  • 22 May 2024
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Upgraded to the new app and saw that the dual mono option was removed. This is a big deal. When will it be added?


you still advertise that you can do dual mono and stereo.


i now have 2 speakers giving me left channel on one side of the house and a speaker on my patio only giving right. Wtf

5 replies

I’m looking for this feature too. I just bought a Sonos Amp last week for this specific feature. My welcome email received today upon connecting it to my system and activating it still advertises the availability of this feature.

Can we get an update on when it will be added back into the new app?

I’ve been a Sonos user since 2005 (ordered two ZP100s before they even started shipments to Canada). I’m disappointed to see how badly this new app launch has been going.

Same here. Just hooked up my 4 expensive new outdoor speakers to my expensive new Sonos Amp yesterday and they sound pretty bad  due to stereo phasing. I purchased this specifically for the dual mono feature. Now I have a very expensive system that sounds like a cheap Walmart stereo. Bad move, Sonos!!!

It was removed in latest app update the previous one had it. SONOS bring it back, its an easy fix, just do it and send the update! Makes no sense to remove this on purpose. I use the amp for patio speakers as they are too far from each other and stereo is pointless in this setup. Was working great before!

+1. Where’s the feature that’s being advertised???

Same.  So frustrating that I can’t set my backyard speakers with the correct settings.  The sound is terrible without dual mono setting!