how to play 5.1 audio on Sonos arc sl with Vizio m60-c3



I can't seem to get 5.1 source with my arc sl. I have a Vizio m60 c3 TV. I am connected using HDMI arc (port 1). Checked my audio settings on my TV to use bitstream. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Using Netflix on Nvidia shield (2017). My arc sl just shows audio is PCM 2.0.


Please help and thanks.

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What are the “Available Formats” and “Dolby Processing” settings on the Nvidia Shield currently set to?

Audio output is set at HDMI. Formats was set as auto but changed to manual and selected all the formats available. Dolby digital plus, DTS, DTS HD and etc. 



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If you set Dolby Processing to ON on the Nvidia Shield, does it make any difference?

I don't even see that. But I just checked my PS4. It can play 5.1 digital surround on the arc sl. So it must be my shield setting some how. Let me do more Google.

I give up. Maybe the Shield 2017 version is too old. At least PS4 works lol.