Could we get clarification on what ports are used for the source and destination from configure your firewall page?

  • 25 July 2022
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I’m trying to setup a network firewall with multiple VLANs. I found the page telling us which ports that we need to open up for sonos to work with a firewall in place. Currently the page only tells us what port and protocol (TCP / UDP) that sonos uses.

I would like to know the source and destination for the firewall rules. Could we get more clarification in a format that also tells us the reasoning, source, destination, port, and protocol? Possible example below:

  • Music Services
    • Source: Sonos Device
    • Destination: Internet
    • Port 80 and 443
    • Protocol: TCP
  • Sonos App Control
    • Source: Client (iOS, Android, Mac, etc...)
    • Destination: Sonos Device
    • Port: xxx
    • Protocol: UDP
  • Casting Music:
    • Source: Sonos Device
    • Destination: Client (iOS, Android, Mac, etc...)
    • Port: 30000-65,535
    • Protocol: TCP


Reference to the page that lists all the ports that sonos uses:

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