connecting gen 3 sub with amp and sonance ceiling speakers

  • 14 May 2024
  • 1 reply

I've a new amp with sonance ceiling and garden speakers. I've got these up and running well. Felt they were lacking a bit of depth so get myself a gen 3 sub to give them a little help.

I've followed all the connection and set up steps for the sub and the app recognises it and is telling me its not assigned. When I try to add it to 'family room' which currently only has the amp and sonance speakers assigned to it, it fails to add it. I've reset the sub a couple of times but no luck yet. I've read it can be too far from the amp so I've moved them right next to each other but still no joy.

I was very excited to get this set up but feeling real frustrated right now!

Any suggestions?

1 reply

Yeah, I ‘ve spent two days on this and I still can’t get my 12 speakers to play together.  The new app will let you only pick one speaker at a time.  Totally useless!!!  I think I’m going to back to Bose….i should have never left.  I’m going to throw my Sonos crap in the trash~!  Absolutely useless.