Sonos and Google Home or Mini

  • 3 January 2018
  • 7 replies

I got them working together. I say the song on my google mini and then just hit play on the Sonos. No phone or computer to fiddle with. It is so easy, i am surprised no one has pointed this out.
Just check out the video link!

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7 replies

I don't have Spotify, instead i have my music collection on MP3s on my NAS. I guess there is no easy way to play this from Google Home to Sonos Play:1 ? Great choice of tune on that youtube demo 🙂
I actually think this may be a bug in Spotify.
It is strange that this will work on Spotify but not on the Google owned service, Google Play Music. Why would Google discriminate against its service over Spotify? Particularly when the GPM app on Android does this wirelessly to Sonos via just a tap for some years now.
Make sure that your current Sonos doesn't have a playlist that it is playing. Try clearing the queue. Open the spotify app and make sure there is only one speaker appearing with the same name. When it works, it is sooo nice to be able to voice command a playlist and not needing your phone
This does not work for me, just other music comes out
I suspect not. I think this is just a Spotify thing but it is sooo handy
Cool find! I wonder if it will work with services other than Spotify?