Move no longer plays requests for news or music

  • 18 January 2024
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We have had our Move for several years, and all was good until a few days ago. Suddenly I cannot play Apple music nor play NPR News Now or the Daily or anything. I ask Alexa to “play NPR News Now” and she replies with “getting NPR News Now from Amazon. Here’s the latest episode for Jan 18th”….and then she stops. Likewise, I will ask her to “play David Bowie on Apple Music” and she will say “David Bowie on Apple Music” but then go silent. She responds to all other Alexa commands normally though. 

I also have an Amazon Echo Plus in the same room. When I ask her to play NPR News Now or Apple Music she this is not an internet issue, not an account issue. I have hard reset my Move back, and reset it up again. Did not work. 

Would appreciate help to fix this. 


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3 replies

Maybe try this…

In the Amazon Alexa App, goto More… ‘Settings/Skills & Games/Your Skills’ and try removing the Sonos Skill, wait a few seconds and then reinstall the Skill. Let it rescan for your devices. The result of the scan will usually say it hasn’t found any new Sonos products. Click next until the process has complete and then try things again and see if that fixes your issue.

I don’t use Siri or Alexa, could play NPR this morning, but this afternoon getting the NPR not available on Sonos Radio, I play thru TuneIn.  Help please

Is it possible your unstated NPR station has left TuneIn for some other streaming service?