Error setting up all of the Voice Services - Sonos One

  • 6 November 2023
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Getting an error when setting up any of the three voice assistants in the Sonos app. More details below:

I’ve used Sonos One and Alexa since 2019 with very little issue I’m using the same router too, however in the last couple of weeks Amazon Alexa has sporadically lost connection and required setting up again. This has typically only taken a few minutes and it goes back to normal for a few days. However, this happened again and went to set up Alexa up via the prompts on the Sonos app however I’m get an error now and get the same error when trying to set up any of the three voice assistants, Alexa, Google and SVC. 

I’ve done a factory reset, rebooted router, checked for duplicate IP addresses, signed out of all Amazon accounts on my mobile device, removed skill, deregistered devices and gone through set up multiple times but still no luck with any of the voice assistants. 

I click on Amazon Alexa set up, it says Getting Amazon Alexa ready...then seems to time out and says There was a problem starting Amazon Alexa. Make sure your mobile device is connected to WiFi (which it is). I press try again and get a similar error. This is the same error across all 3 assitants.

What other steps could I try to resolve? Any help much appreciated!



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3 replies

Not sure I can help with your base issue, but you should be aware of the Google rule that say that when installed, they’re the only voice assistant on a device, so if you’re able to get Google voice installed, by their rules, which Sonos must follow, it means that neither Sonos Voice nor Alexa will be able to be installed. 

I’m not sure if the various voice services are stored on a separate partition within the hardware storage, but maybe if that’s the case, you may have a hardware/memory-storage fault (Note this is only a bit of a guess on my part) - I  suspect the best way to perhaps diagnose these things, is to attempt an install of an assistant again and when it fails submit a Sonos system diagnostic report from within the Sonos App, note it’s reference and then contact/chat with Sonos Support Staff via this LINK  and see what the Staff can perhaps suggest to resolve the matter.

Update - I spoke to Sonos support, submitted a system diagnostic report and repeated some of the steps I’d tried plus additional steps such as plugging the Sonos One into the router via ethernet, sequential reboot of router, Sonos One and other Wi-Fi devices. None of these had any effect unfortunately. 

Sonos support said the unit was displaying unexpected behaviour and advised that phoning support and using screen share to view router settings etc. would be the next step. 

Frustratingly, the morning after I tried on the off chance to setup Alexa again and it worked first time. Not entirely sure what changed but its up and running again!