Whole House Audio Setup Help

  • 11 June 2018
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Hi everyone,

I am building a new house and I have 4 zones, I will pass wires to a central location. Kitchen + tv area, dining room, basement room and pool area. I already have most of the speakers 2xB&W 603, 4xB&W 601 and I will need to buy the pool outside speakers.
I want to use sonos but buying 4 connect amps will cost 2100 Euros. I don’t really want to have independent music in every zone my major concern is to play the same music in all zones like a party mode if I want to. All equipment will go in a dedicated room in the basement. I was thinking of buying two Yamaha avr or two Denon avrs with 2 zone functionality like a Denon x2400h that can be fully controllable with the app and add two sonos connect on both avrs.
This way I have 4 zones. One zone or two zones out of 4 have the possibility two play 5.1.,the two sonos provide two different zones that I can play different music or play the same music in all zones and I can also play in the 4 zones different music, two zones playing through sonos and two playing through Denon avr. Total cost of these is 2x350 sonos connect + 2x350 Denon avr is 1400 euros. Same principle applies if I buy two Yamaha avrs actually it adds Bluetooth and lossless capability to the system)
(with the money I will save I can buy a sonos beam and add another zone since I can utilize the sonos beam in the kitchen+ tv area and free a zone 2 from the avr)
Can someone see any disadvantages for these scenario that I may not see or any advantages if going with 4 sonos connect amps.

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