turntable setup, uncompressed issues

  • 1 October 2023
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I have a pro-ject debut turntable using a pro-Jett tube box preamp hard wired into a play 5 and wireless to a2nd play 5 for stereo sound. WiFi and router are on the floor directly above with a Sonos boost on it. Playing Spotify and Apple Music is fine but with the turntable in the uncompressed setting I can hear the speakers struggling to stay locked in the highest quality. I’m thinking o might need to go to a receiver with passive speakers and a port for streaming but maybe someone here knows how to get  it to not fluctuate. The signal is strong. One last question, would using a Sonos amp and hardwiring the play 5’s in stereo help? not sure if that’s even possible. Thanks - Tim

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2 replies

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Have you tried the compressed settings?

Wiring the Play 5s to Ethernet would help if the issue is WiFi interference. Since your Boost is handling that you might check to see that it is set to use your best WiFi channel of the three available, 1 - 6 - 11.

The Port would be nice, it would just replace the Play 5 as your input device but it would be a lot cheaper to get the Play 5 working.


thanks Stanley- yes I moved the compressed setting to automatic and back after not being thrilled with the sound in auto. And I moved the channel from 6 to 11 and listened to a mobile fidelity dire straits record which I have to say had no issues so maybe that’s it. Injave a feeling that ultimately I’m going to want an old school amp with passive speakers and a port. The Play 5’s are excellent but I can’t help thinking for analogue a direct connection would sound better, richer with more detail.

best- Tim