Sonos Amp to outside speakers, Source is HDTV antenna signal, 4 tv locations, have CAT 6 and RG6 cables

  • 3 October 2023
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I have a Sonos Amp installed in the av closet. I have Sonance outdoor speakers wired to the Sonos Amp and plays music via spotify, sounds great.  I will be adding a tv outdoors, and would like the sound from the tv source played through the Sonos Amp and Sonance outdoor speakers. I have prewired two CAT 6 cables and 2 RG6 coaxial cables to the tv outside (actually have this same prewire run to all three tv’s in the house too - none are connected yet, and each will have separate Sonos audio systems ie arc, beams subs, One etc...). My TV source at this time is from an HDTV antenna, but eventually will want to connect cable. I would like to know how to watch TV from antenna signal and listen to the programs through the Sonance speakers via Amp. The RG6, CAT6, run to the AV closet with the cables prewired in place at each TV location. Happy to answer any questions. My outdoor TV has an eARC HDMI and a Network connection. Samsung 50”. 


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9 replies

Are you attempting surround sound outside?

no surround outside, just stereo. 

and along with the Network and HDMI eARC, the samsung has RG6 connection too. The AV closet is about 30’ from the outdoor tv location. All CAT 6 and RG6 cables make a homerun to the AV closet. The speaker wire runs from the outside Sonance speakers to the AV closet. I guess what I’m looking for is the least expensive and best way to control the tv outside with the samsung remote and listen to the antenna source through the Sonance speakers / Sonos Amp setup  

Optical over CAT-5: 

Optical to analog

These are just a couple inexpensive suggestions, I have no experience with either.

For Volume control you can use the SONOS App or paste on an IR extender using the second CAT-6. I suppose that there are some more expensive optical over CAT-6 extenders that will also include an IR extender.

A much more expensive approach would be an HDMI-eARC over CAT-6 extender. These are relatively new and hard to find.

thanks buzz, perhaps I got my terms wrong, I have an RG6 - screw on type cable connector from the HDTV antenna. (I thought coaxial and RG6 are one in the same). I’m thinking all the magic happens in my av closet, where I would be able split the RG6 antenna signal from the HDTV antenna, split the antenna signal, one signal gets split to the Sonos Amp and the other split goes to the RG6 cable run to the tv perhaps? I am just not sure how to convert an RG6 signal to connect to the Sonos amp. 

Sending the HDTV antenna RG6 (a/v) to the tv and then back the Sonos amp in the av closet by using the eArc over ethernet with an extender is much more expensive but doable if that is the only way and best way...   

You don’t want to try and split your HDTV antenna and expect that you would audio and video to play in sync.  That’s not going to work.  You really need the audio the amp plays to come from the TV, or the same HDTV tuner, cable box, streaming box etc. 

Using an optical over cat 5/6 would work.  You can also use a long HDMI cord if you have the access.



Thanks y’all. 

Option one: I would send the signal from the outdoor HDTV antenna to my TV via the RG6, then run the audio out from the TV to an Optical over CAT 6 extender that then goes to the receiving end of the extender that connects to the Sonos AMP in AV closet via the optical to analog converter. Cool. 

Option two: use the eARC extender, $$$$

any other options? 

If you are a Bluetooth fanatic and the TV will support a Bluetooth headset, you could use a Bluetooth receiver at the AMP. Personally, I would not waste my time with this option because Bluetooth typically does not sound as good as the other options and you could have range issues attempting to penetrate walls.