Setting up sonos in a temporary location - options?

  • 27 January 2023
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I currently have a number of Sonos speakers connected to my home network, they connect to a mesh network (although appears the always connect to the same mesh node but that’s probably by the by). 

I’m hoping to use these speakers in a temporary locations where I might not be able to use the WiFi or it will be too slow to stream music effectively. Let’s consider plan a I can connect to the WiFi and plan b is I cannot connect to the WiFi. 

Plan A - I think this relatively simple and I just set these up as a having moved to a new network, I probably won’t be able to connect to Ethernet but is it still possible? It is a large building with multiple access point and not sure of the exact setup but the login does not require a landing page, just a password and ssid. 

Plan B (which might be more likely to be needed) - can I create an offline setup where I move the speakers and my home mesh network and while I won’t be able to connect to the internet, would it be possible to AirPlay an offline playlist this way? I assume I could probably test this out at home by just unplugging my internet router while leaving the mesh network running. 


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To cater for both your plans a & b, before going to the new location (temporary, or otherwise) setup a mobile WiFi hotspot (not using your mobile Sonos controller) and set that hotspot to use the same SSID/Credentials as those in use at the temporary location/destination and whilst at your current Home use your current mobile controller to add the mobile hotspot credentials to your current Sonos system using ‘Settings/System/Network/Manage Networks/Update Networks’ in the Sonos App. See below link and the attached screenshot.

When you arrive at the new location your Sonos products will auto-connect to the new network or you can choose to wire (one product only) to run on SonosNet instead - if no network is available, you can use your mobile hotspot device instead as a backup and Airplay to your speakers from your current mobile controller.

That should give you plenty of options and should cover all bases before you arrive at the new destination.