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  • 3 December 2022
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I had a Sonos Arc+Sub system in family room that was working pretty good (wifi connection). Since I liked the experience, I went ahead and bought 2 Sonos One and a Sonos Move for different areas of the house. I successfully added each to the App (all wifi Connections) and thats when the issue started. I now either see the room that has Arc or the room that has Sonos One. It seems to be random which one is displayed but I am not seeing all of them at the same time.

The Wifi system in our house is LinkSys Velop Mesh system. I tried different things including wiring the Arc to the router and wiring the Sonos One to one of the Velop nodes. Still the same issue. I also tried restarting the router but it doesn’t seem to fix the problem. Any ideas? 


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1 reply

It sounds like you ‘may’ have created two separate Sonos Households, but this is only a possibility at this stage. If you goto the Sonos App ‘Settings/System/About My Sonos’ do you see all your Sonos devices listed in that area of the App?

Some further information would also be helpful here too. See below…

Are you using the Velop mesh system hubs as both your router and WiFi satellites, with another (ISP provided?) router ‘bridged’ (hopefully with its WiFi disabled), or operating in ‘modem only’ mode?

If not, is your Velop mesh working alongside another (ISP provided?) main router (hopefully with its WiFi disabled) with the Velop hubs merely acting as your WiFi access points?

It would just help to know the precise type of setup you are using with the Velop mesh hubs.

Does the Velop mesh system have the potential to operate with different SSID’s for its 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands and if so, is that how you are currently operating the wireless network? If the answer is yes to this, which band do you have stored in the Sonos App network settings at the moment? Are there any other WiFi networks showing in that area of the App too?