Play 5 no longer plays line in from Project record player and won't link to grouped sonos either

  • 11 October 2021
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Unless I switch my play 5 gen 2 on and off at the plug it isn't recognising my record player and even when it does I can't then group it to my play 3 and move. The group would historically always Autoplay and play the grouped rooms. Nothing has changed, my settings are all correct but even after resetting the sonos tonight (when it then played but wouldn't group) when I then changed records the sonos wouldn't play again 


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8 replies

Hi all, my issue has returned and the above fixes don't work. Any new ideas? 

Tried all of those and it seems to have worked and let me group again! Thank you all

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The pics shown are not for a turntable but for a Port connected to a CD player. The CD player represents the Play 5 and the Port represents the Turntable. Assuming the turntable is set correctly with outboard or onboard pre-amp the settings should be similar the only exception being I don’t have include grouped rooms selected.

Note: View the pics in reverse order.


Have you tried setting the audio-delay (buffer) feature to a higher value in the Play 5 room settings, perhaps try it at 2000ms?

Maybe also see what happens if you can go onto you switch the line-in "source name" to ‘Airplay Device’ as that may create a larger audio buffer too. See if that works for you.

Tried both. Still no success 

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Have you tried changing the Line-In Audio Compression setting to Compressed in the Sonos app? I would also try deleting and re-installing the Sonos app.

Hi, made no difference. Swapped the cables and the connector in to the play 5 last week too

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Try unplugging the Play:5 and turntable from power for a couple of minutes and reboot your router and phone. You might also try using a different RCA to 3.5mm audio cable.