Mesh DECO M5 with 4x amp:connect... not working anymore (working fine under old setup with 3  Extreme)

  • 12 May 2019
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Hi guys,
I need serious help after replacing my 3  extreme for 6x TP-Link DECO M5
impossible to get any music through the DECO M5
here's my original setup
3x AirPort Extreme (tower version)
never connected any CAT5 to any of my 4x AMP:CONNECT
all music was perfectly streamed only over wifi form any od all my  devices without any issues for years
I decide to replace the 3x older Airport for 6x DECO M5
1x DECO is acting as a router & I have connected a network switch for network port expansion, NAS, iMac....
the only difference is my new wifi system (much better over my 6000sq/ft)
but now after totally reset my 4x AMP:CONNECT I still not able to stream anything on it
as a test I decided to reconnect 1x older AirPort Extreme directly to my network switch (who is connected directly to the new DECO). BINGO !!! music is back !!! but I have to create a different wifi network, 1x for DECO, 1x for Airport
Why I can stream through the airport connected the the new DECO vis a network switch but impossible if I remove the Airport... I LOST !
and I cannot at any location run a CAT5 to any of my 4X AMP:CONNECT, it has to be only over wifi
Thank you

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