Longterm Sonos issue - products dropping off app

  • 7 September 2023
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Hi All,

I’ve had Sonos products for over 10 years and always loved them. Over the last year I’ve been more and more infuriated buy the app just randomly picking what products it shows me. I’ve tried everything I can think of and it’s been over a year now. I want to add more speakers but it seems pointless spending more money if they won’t work. To help anyone generous enough to support I’ve broken down the set up I have and what I’ve tried so far: 

Set Up 

  • Sky Broadband 
  • Eero Mesh WiFi
  • Sonos Play 1 * 5
  • Sonos Playbar
  • Sonos Move 
  • Sonos Era 100
  • New and up to date App 

What I’ve tried 

  • Resetting products that have disappeared (several times)
  • Unplugging WIFI and router 
  • Following the “You seem to be missing some products wizard on the app”
  • Creating a new set up
  • Buying a new Move 
  • Buying the Era 100
  • Moving the Eero network to Bridge 

I might be wrong, but it feels like there are two set ups and it flicks between them.  Any help or advice would be great. 

Thanks in advance 



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1 reply

STOP RESETTING!  It does nothing a reboot won’t do, and it erases valuable diagnostic information.

With that said, I’m going to contradict myself.  If you do have two separate systems, pick one you wish to keep.  Factory reset the devices on the other system, then power them down.  Reset your Sonos app (Settings > App Preferences > Reset App).  Restart the app, choose to connect to an existing system, then go into settings and add the reset devices one at a time).


As to the original problem, it sounds like duplicate IP addresses.  These will cause sporadic connections, disappearing components, etc. To solve, reboot/power cycle each of these in order:

Hubs or switches
Wired Sonos components
Wireless Sonos components
Computers, printers
Phones, tablets, all other wireless devices

Note you can prevent duplicate IP addresses by reserving a permanent IP for each Sonos unit in your router setup. See your router manual for details.