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  • 23 October 2016
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I've been talking to my Playbar with UPnP. The GetZoneInfo command appears to be the command used by "About My Sonos System" and returns some familiar data, e.g.


<CopyrightInfo>.. 2004-2015 Sonos, Inc. All Rights Reserved.</CopyrightInfo>
<ExtraInfo>OTP: </ExtraInfo>

I'm curious about the values for HTAudioIn. It seems to represent the SPDIF port state. So far I've got:

2: Stereo
18: Dolby 5.1
21: not listening (- playing another stream?), comes up for TuneIn and Airplay via my Connect.
22: Silence

Anyone got a better reference or more data?

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4 replies

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update, found some more:
0: no spdif input connected
2: Stereo
7: Dolby 2.0
18: Dolby 5.1
21: (not listening) playing another stream?
22: Silence

I'm sort of hoping these constants will turn out to map to some well-known digital audio standard, and aren't just arbitrary enumerations in a Sonos header file.

Also, http://<sonos_ip>:1400/status/toslink seems to decode them.
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Well this paid off. I can now reverse the Playbar's automatic ungroup-on-autoplay. This PR for the 'sonos' Ruby gem makes it possible to regroup on system idle:

So I execute this in a short ruby script on my home server every minute:
system.party_mode if system.groups.count > 1 && system.inactive?

As a result the "Include grouped rooms" autoplay on the CONNECT does what we want: music in every room, if the house was quiet, music everywhere but the lounge if the TV is on.
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http://<sonos_ip>:1400/status/toslink seems to decode them.

Sadly some toxic, user-hostile product manager at Sonos has crippled this kind of community dev effort by removing half the useful diagnostics, including this one.
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1 means "Unsupported". I have not found any mapping of this to anything else, looks like they made them up.