Feature Request: ARC - Variable Sound Controls (Speech / Night Mode)


Looking to make a request to be able to create custom sound profiles / config similar to “night mode” and “speech enhancement” but with ability to have control on the levels in both of these areas.

At the moment I find that with night mode off the background sounds by default are too loud in comparison to the speech but with night mode on you lose too much of the background sounds so an ability to control this and make a profile from it would be great as I find with night mode off I’m having to turn up volume when it’s a “dialog scene” and then turn volume down when it’s a “action scene”. 


With speech enhancement off the speech is drowned by the background sounds, so find I permanently need it on but again having variable controls on this would be an overall improvement.



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Another idea or Feature Request which might be fairly simple and something that would be a good feature for the app when using Night Mode.  

I turn it on at night when the family goes to sleep.  What would be nice is if it turned off when the device is powered off so that you don’t have to remember to turn it off the next day during day time hours.

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Hi @Nam12345 

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Thank you - I've marked this thread as a feature request and it will be seen by the relevant teams for consideration. Keep the ideas coming!