Does "Disable Wifi" remove the unit from the Spanning Tree?

  • 16 April 2022
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I have a decent size setup (~13 amp, 2 beam, 2 ARC, 2 playbar, 3 sub, 1 boost, assorted smaller older units) as well as Google Wifi. It's set up in "wired" mode - the boost is the only thing currently hardwired, the rest is on sonosnet (channel 6 currently). Most of the Amps are in a single room (powering speakers all over the house), along with the Boost. I have read plenty of horror stories of Google wifi and sonos causing spanning tree storms.  I have very occasional wifi problems, which may or may not be related.  However, I would like to endeavor to reduce wifi congestion, as I currently have 113 devices on my wifi network.


I understand if I connect the amps that are all in the same room to the ethernet, but don’t disable wifi then they have the potential to cause some pretty complex spanning tree problems, but my question is this - if I use the "disable wifi" setting on my amps (and any other units that I hardwire), does sonos remove them from the spanning tree so the two spanning tree implementations don't conflict?




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Not as such. STP remains active in a node whose radio is disabled. It’s simply that the ath* (wireless) interfaces are no longer present, so wired-wireless loops can’t occur.

Note that disabling the ‘WiFi’ on a wired home theatre master player also disables its private 5GHz, so HT satellites will no longer be able to connect (unless they’re also wired obviously). 


I somehow doubt that any issues you’ve been seeing are due to spanning tree problems, since you’ve wisely only wired a single node, the Boost. Since some mesh WiFi systems use (R)STP internally there can be conflict if multiple Sonos units are wired, especially if it’s to different WiFi nodes. You should only wire to the core of the network, such as the WiFi mesh primary. Don’t ever wire to wireless WiFi mesh satellites.