Connecting Connect:AMP to Niles MVC-HUB4?

  • 3 July 2017
  • 2 replies

So I just bought a house and it has a couple of in-ceiling and outdoor speakers. The prior owner has some older (from 2003) Niles volume control knobs installed, and left a Niles MVC-HUB4 unit. The unit looks like this:
I think I can figure out how to hook the Niles unit back up, since there are groups of 4 wires and groups of 2 wires.... but how can I connect this to a Connect:AMP? The Niles unit has a 4-wire block that says "Input from amp", but I'm not sure how to wire that to the Sonos.

Thanks in advance!

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2 replies

To add what Kumar said, A lot of speaker wire will not be colored, it will just have two lines in the wire. One with writing on it, and one without. So you'll have to assigned 'writing' to red, and 'no writing' to black (or white). The designation of color, or writing is for the positive and negative side of the lines. You should see the positive and negative signs next to the wire inputs on your Niles device. You'll also see 'L' and 'R' for the left and right speakers.

So the 4-wre block is L+, L-, R+, and R-. Just make sure you don't cross over anything...what wire you use on the AMP is the same in the Niles switch.

Two words of advice. First, each one of those blocks should come out of the Niles switch. Taking that off will make it easier to connect the wires. I've learned that the hard way. Also, a small screwdriver works well for holding down the little lever on the side when you are feeding a wire in. You can use your fingers, but it will start to hurt after a while.

Second, be careful hooking the speakers back up. It probably won't be a big deal if you get the L and R mixed up, but you don't want to get + and - mixed up. If you can, look at one of the speakers how they hooked it up there. If you can see the back of the speaker from within your attic, then do that. If not, then you may want to take one of these speakers down to have a look at it. They pretty much all work the same, so it shouldn't be difficult to find a manual on line for that. In general though, you take off the grill cover, then unscrew the screws underneath. It should come right out. Once off, you can see the mechanism for how the speaker clamps on the ceiling.

Hope that helps.
Speaker - or any other 2 core wire - used will be connected to the two input jacks of each speaker terminal on the Connect Amp on the one end and into the two for each speaker wire block on the Niles, in way that polarity is maintained. Red to Red and Black to Black at both ends. That way, two speaker wires, each of two cores, will be terminated on 4 ends at the speaker terminals on the Connect Amp and the 4 wire block on the Niles.