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  • 18 July 2023
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I recently moved to an apartment. Each apartment has its own ceiling mounted Cisco AP. All AP’s have five (5) SSID’s, one of which is for devices unable to supply a username along with the password. That SSID uses a pre-configured MAC address to permit access. The Arc attempts to connect to the first SSID it finds and that isn’t the SSID with the MAC address. I have no way to force the ARC to connect to the correct SSID. I’m thinking I need a bridge of some sort, have the ARC connect to the bridge, and configure the bridge to connect to the correct SSID. Does this sound like a viable solution? Any recommendation for a specific product?


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2 replies

The Arc can supply an SSID and password, I’m not sure why you’re trying to connect it to the SSID that does not. Not sure which of the other 4 SSIDs are appropriate, but it needs to be connected to the same network that you connect your phone to, as your phone will be controlling the Arc via WiFi once setup.  One of these networks in your own private SSID that only your apartment has access to, and allows devices to communicate with each other, rather than the internet, correct?

Until the Arc has a wifi connection, I have no way to direct it to a specific SSID. Also, the Arc can supply only a password, not a username. Four of the five SSID’s available on my AP require a username. The fifth SSID was established for devices that supply only a password - smart TV’s, printers, etc. That SSID requires the MAC address be manually configured for devices connecting to it. I have done that. Apartments do not have their own private SSID. I can connect to wifi using any AP in the community. Security among devices in my apartment is managed via Security Group Tags and Active Directory. This gets back to the notion of using a bridge that can be directed to the correct SSID and have the Arc connect to the bridge.