Best way to connect multiple amps

  • 3 January 2020
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I recently wired my home for in ceiling speakers that are being powered by Sonos.  Most go back to a home base where multiple amps reside, and some go to the rooms where they need to accept a line in input such as a cable box.  What would be the most efficient setup?  I prefer to use ethernet vs wireless whenever possible.


Location 1:
Wired connection Main switch (which connects to all non sonos ethernet ports in the house as well) → Sonos Bridge → Sonnos Amp (new) → 6 Sonos Connect Amp ZP120 all daisy chained

Location 2:
Wired connection to Main Switch (same as above) → Sonos Amp (new)

Location 3:
Wired connection to Main switch (same as above) → Sonos Connect Amp ZP120 → Sonos Connect AMP ZP120 → Sonos Connect Amp ZP100

There are also 2 Play:1 and 1 Play:5 being used wireless in the house.  


Should any of these be wired back to the switch instead of daisy chained?
Do I get any benefit from having the Sonos Bridge wired where it is in location 1?
Is there a maximum for daisy chaining that I’m exceeding in location 1?

My intent is the have the most efficient network as I’m experiencing some slowdowns in music starting to play and also in commands being recognized.



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