Best Karaoke setup

  • 26 January 2020
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I’ve been battling this one for a while and trying to get best set-up with minimal components and making best use of Sonos gear I already have.

Gear I’m using:

Lucky voice box mixer with 2 mics, Laptop with Spotify and Musicmatxh loaded, HDMI into old LG TV with sound off, Sound into Mixer and then into Sonos 5 (gen2) aux in (plus trying to get working with a Playbar via optical in)

With the Play 5 the setup is plagued by the delay between singing voice and the sound being processed by Sonos system which makes it difficult to sing along as you can hear your voice delayed.

Ideal solution would be if Play 5 aux in signal could be processed directly without lag - in similar way to when I play TV sound through my Playbar.

Is there any software fix coming that could speed up the sound signal?

2nd challenge: I want to use the Lucky Voice in another room with laptop with Spotify and Music Match feeding into LG TV with optical out feeding Playbar. Has anyone tried to connect the karaoke mixer between TV and Playbar - if so this would need optical from TV converted to audio jack into mixer and then mixer audio out converted back into optical to drive the Playbar. Anyone had success with this approach?


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