Roam with S2 Playlists over Bluetooth


I’ve expanded my Sonos system with a Roam SL, and when at home on the wifi, that all works well.


When on a remote, fairly frequently visited, location I was hoping to make use of:

  • Roam SL
  • Iphone
  • S2 with playlists and services

basically I was hoping to BT pair the Roam SL with my phone on which I have S2, and from S2 control the Roam SL, and play my family’s all playlists stored on Sonos/S2. But so far S2 looks empty/inaccessible as of content.


Am I dreaming up this possibility, or am I just not setting it up correctly?


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Hi @KaPG 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

The Sonos app does practically nothing on it’s own - it completely depends upon at least one Sonos speaker to even browse music, and that speaker must be connected to the internet for the app to do so.

When using your Roam SL with Bluetooth, things work differently: the music must come from your phone - whether that is music stored locally on your phone or if you are using Spotify/Apple Music/Amazon Music (or any number of others) apps is up to you, but in this situation, the Sonos app will be unusable. This also means that Sonos playlists and favourites will be unavailable.

I don’t know how remote your remote location is, but if you can get WiFi there, I recommend connecting both your iPhone and Roam SL to the WiFi to use the Sonos app (tap “WiFi isn’t connected. Learn more”). If you can set up a WiFi hotspot, that could also work, but you must use the Sonos app on a device that is not hosting the hotspot, so you’ll need two phones/tablets or one of each.

If internet just isn’t an option, however, then you will need to play tracks stored locally on your phone - using your phone’s music player app, not the Sonos app.

I hope this helps.


Thank you!

Great answer.

My two use cases are:

  1. extend my home sonos network to either of the balconies
  2. bring sonos playlist to summer house.

first case is in the bag.

second one seems, thanks to your explanation, to need a sonos unit running on wifi. Ideally to that case I’d say having the iPhone bridge between the (I assume) cloud saved playlists, over to a Bluetooth speaker recognized by S2 would be great. But from your description I take it the playlists are local, on one of the Sonos speakers.

So, using the on-site wifi (yes we have that on the remote location) and create an another Sonos network based of the Sonos Roam SL, would enable us, as a family, use our phones/pads to controls the speaker, but the playlists from home will still be back home, right?


And can the speaker and S2 have two network set up at the same time, or do I have to delet home network, and set up remote/summer house network. And when coming back home, revert that…on all of families devices?


Thanks for your time and brains!