Move 1 and Move 2 listening at the same time

  • 1 November 2023
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I already own a Move and love it, bought new place and will need more sounds on the outside.  My current Move “lives” in my garage for work out musics, but pull it outback when I have guests.  For the new speaker I am planning on the speaker "living" in the kitchen but when guest come over pulling out with my old move for music outside.  Here is my dilemma, I am interested in the new Move 2 however, will it sound funny or noticeably different than my Move 1 when they are both being used as outdoor speakers while entertaining?  Or am I just being overly critical?  Thank you for your help in advance,


Side note, would bonded Move 1’s sound better than Move 1 and Move 2 playing “grouped”


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5 replies

Only identical speakers can be “Bonded” as a stereo pair. MOVE and MOVE 2 are not identical.

You can “Group” any SONOS Rooms to play the same music and members of the Group will be time aligned. MOVE and MOVE 2 are slightly different when critically listening, but I don’t think that this will be a major issue for outdoor entertainment. Depending on your sensitivity to the differences, using the Group in an enclosed area may be less satisfactory.

Hi Buzz, thank you for you response, I was more so talking about “bonding” if I bought another Move 1, sorry that was not clear I will change it, as you can probably tell that was a last minute addition while my thoughts were rolling out.

So then I ask you this would “bonded” move 1’s sound better than grouped move 1 and move 2?


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Just an addition: you can only group the Move when they are connected on wifi, which my be more difficult outdoors. Some phones might be able to play to two speakers at the same time while using both speakers on bluetooth, but there’s no Sonos way to do this.

Hello 106, I have a complete Unifi System with an outdoor AP, wifi is the only way these speakers will be used.

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Sonos do have a lengthy returns period, so buy-and-try is a great option.