Recommended Music: Rock, hard Rock or Metal

  • 15 November 2017
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Looks like a lot of other genres have been touched on but haven't seen this group yet. I'm new to Sonos...had my Play 5 for a month then it lost its WiFi ability...they are sending me a new one. Love the sound, but from these genres, what has really stood out to play on my Sonos? Thanks

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12 replies

I have recently acquired a taste for Blues as well - I don't know if that needs a different thread; perhaps it does, I will open one right away.
And a question for my education and to contribute here, though I don't like Metal much. When does Blues become Rock?
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Hard to say, because you have Led Zeppelin that was rock, but there is a whole lotta blues in their music. Hard to distinguish, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Joe Banamasa definitely blues based, but could be rock. Just throw out what you know.
I would think a lot of Rush would sound really good on Sonos, along with Yes and maybe some Eagles.
As with any well made speaker, Sonos doesn't do injustice to any music genre. Bass heavy music of any genre will need a Sub for best results, but that need is also common to all similar sized speakers. And start saving for another 5 to make a stereo pair for day/night difference in every genre! The Sub can come a lot later.
A couple of great blues-rock albums then:
1. Blue and Lonesome - The Rolling Stones
2. The Sky is Crying - Stevie Ray Vaughan
Many more to come:-)
Remedy Lane by Pain Of Salvation (progressive metal)
Blackwater Park by Opeth (progressive death metal)
Leviathan by Mastodon (progressive sludge metal)
From the new Haiduk album - 'Exomancer' [black metal]

Haiduk - 'Evil Art'
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Red Fang.

That's all that needs to be said.

cosmic blackened death metal

'Death Portent'

I liked this:

Was just listening to Renaissance’s Song for Scheherazade on a pair of PLAY:5s. Annie Haslam’s voice is incredible, and the musical talents of all of the group really shines on this track. 

Great voice, Annie Haslam's. Northern Lights is a long-time favourite track.

On the metal end of things I would like to suggest a now defunct British heavy metal band, The Darkness. What I liked about The Darkness was that they produced some excellent tracks (IMO) while still managing to parody the genre.

I would suggest 'I Believe in a Thing Called Love', 'Love is Only a Feeling' and 'Friday Night'.

There is also an excellent Christmas record parody. It's worth tracking down the video for that one on YouTube.