Volume low with connect Amp

  • 2 October 2016
  • 3 replies

My set up is a connect amp, play3 speaker, and a marantz sr5009. I want to keep my current set up (7:1 wired setup) and us the play3 as a wireless patio speaker(So that i can listen to football games). This is where i hit a snag, the volume is very low even on the high setting in the sonos app. I have the connect amp plugged into the audio out of the marantz. Is there anyone out there who has had this same problem, and have a fix for this. i feel like i have tried everything except for going out and buying a preamp.

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3 replies

Two questions, what output do you have the connect:amp connected to on the marantz and have you turned up the line-in sensitivity on the connect:amp?
Its on the front speaker pre out.....yes line in sensitivity is on high.
That pre-out is probably controlled by the marantz's volume control, you need a fixed line-out to use with the connect:amp.