Victrola Carbon Stream

  • 28 February 2023
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Can anyone recommend a method to "add" records played on the Carbon Stream to my Sonos music library?





Best answer by Airgetlam 28 February 2023, 02:34

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6 replies

Ummm. There is no “Sonos music library”, if I’m understanding what you’re saying. Sonos doesn’t “store” any music, all they do is refer to other places where music is stored.

You could probably use any “ripping” software, and then point Sonos to wherever that data is stored, using the data here.

Just make sure the format that you rip to is one of the ones Sonos supports, as indicated here

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Found it here:

Not going to read the user guide but the FAQ has nothing about ripping records to digital formats. It does mention WiFi and RCA outputs so it is possible you could one or the other to rip what is playing. If at all possible stay all digital in the signal path, saving the RCA as a last option.

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When you play a record on your Sonos enabled turntable the system sees this as an outside source, just like if you would be playing a radio station from TuneIn on your Sonos. the Sonos system is being pushed a stream, so there's library with files. Every album is different and Sonos is not the master in this set up, your turntable is. Playing mp3's from a computer is different: there's a fixed place that the files are stored and that can be accessed by the Sonos device - no “push” from but “pull”.

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Thanks everyone.  I figured it out.  You can connect an RCA stereo cable to the headphone jack on your laptop and record. 

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That’s ripping the record to a digital file, not adding the analog record to your library. 

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Thank you for your solutions 106rallye.  Appreciate your value-add to the Sonos community.