Using Connect to setup existing sound bar to Sonos

  • 11 January 2018
  • 3 replies

I am looking at connecting my existing JBL (SB250) and JBL 3.1 (JBLBAR31BLKAM) sound bar to my exisitng Play 1's and Play 5. Does anyone know if these two models are capable? Also the SB250 will be outside in a tv case on the patio has anyone ever had a Sonos Connect out in the elements?

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3 replies

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Both of the Soundbars have a 3.5mm input jack (auxiliary in). Hook a standard RCA to 3.5mm cable between the analog out of the connect to the 3.5mm aux input of the soundbar.

I wouldn't have much for concern as far as having it outside as long as in a protected from elements/shaded area in east Texas.
I live in East Texas, I plan to just use it to solely play music not really interested in using it to play TV through the Sonos Speakers.

As far as hooking it up to the connect, how would I do that? i currently use them hooked up through HDMI to the TV.
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Both have inputs that you can hook the connect to and thus hear Sonos music through those speakers.

However, neither has output. If you wanted TV sound into your Sonos system to send to the Play:1s and Play:5 it wouldn't be a good solution (they would be delayed slightly and play with echo - assuming you hooked the connect to something like direct from cable box).

Outdoors it wouldn't be advisable to have it exposed to much less then freezing temperatures. And not high humidity (I don't know if where you live is exposed to excessive humidity in the summer or not). I wouldn't recommend it be placed outside at beach or in Florida or something - unless protected/shaded. And in winter if cold out - you wouldn't be using patio and assume you would bring it inside with TV if you live in cold climate.