Using a single Play 5 with a Playbar

  • 3 November 2016
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I have just bought a Play 5 and wanted to add this to add some extra sound to the existing Playbar connected to my television. I have set this up and experimented with grouping and tried to use surround sound with just one speaker. But none of this works well and I end up with a kind of echo effect. If I stream music however using them grouped it sounds great. So I am thinking this is due to the connections being different. The Playbar is connected to the TV by cable. Can anyone offer advice? I could buy a second for surround sound but obviously expensive and a bit OTT for the room size.

I struggle to hear the TV as a bit deaf in one ear so the idea was to boost sound near me at the back of the room.

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1 reply

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A single play:5 you can't pair as a surround. Grouping theoretically should play in stereo to match up with playbar but the delay is about 50ms different giving you echo. I don't know if you can play with lip sync setting on playbar to get them a little closer together. But playing together with playbar in same room your really meant to have two speakers paired not grouped as real surrounds.